A389 X Anniversary Bash

Metal / Country/Folk / MD / USA
A389 X ANNIVERSARY BASH (YEAR TEN) TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY 09/27/2013 at NOON EST www.baltimoresoundstage.com Friday January 17th 2014 @ Baltimore Soundstage ALL AGES: $30 Adv / $35 DOS INFEST (Only East Coast Show) HAYMAKER (Only East Coast show) IN COLD BLOOD (Exclusive Appearance) FULL OF HELL IRON REAGAN SEX PRISONER JARHEAD FERTILIZER Saturday January 18th 2014 @ Baltimore Soundstage ALL AGES $30 Adv / $35 DOS INTEGRITY (Systems Overload Lineup / Exclusive One-Time Reunion) ALL OUT WAR (Only east coast show) BLOODLET (Exclusive One-Time Reunion) WEEKEND NACHOS NOISEM POWER TRIP PICK YOUR SIDE HOMEWRECKER EMPIRE OF RATS SPONSORED HOTEL (walking distance to venue) HOLIDAY INN at Inner Harbor 301 W Lombard St Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 685-3500 Mention A389X For a discounted Rate